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Career Development Events build on what is learned in agricultural classes and encourage members to put their knowledge into practice. These events are designed to help a member prepare for a career in agriculture by testing and challenging the student's technical, leadership, interpersonal and teamwork skills as well as their knowledge of the subject matter. CDEs answer the question, "When will I use this knowledge in the real world?"

Many CDEs are qualifying events for the National FFA CDE competition and/or offer scholarship opportunities.

All ID lists can be found on at the following link:   

Please be sure to check your scan sheet supply well in advance to the CDE season to ensure your team is using the correct scan sheets.  Examples of all scan sheets can be found here.

Ag Sales      



Dairy Cattle      



Food Science      






Marketing Plan      


Milk Quality      

Plant ID      





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  2021 State CDE Dates

State CDE Event Provider Dates and Locations:

March 7-8:  Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo - Tractor Tech

April 20, 2021:  Angelina National Forest - State Wildlife CDE

April 21, 2021: Texas Tech University- Ag Communications (Virutal Contest)

April 22, 2021:  Stephen F. Austin Experimental Forest (NRCS) - Forestry

April 23, 2021: San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo Fair Grounds - Cotton

April 24, 2021:  Texas Tech University - Agronomy, Entomology, Food Sci, Horse, Plant ID & Wool

April 26, 2021: Texas A&M University- Vet Science (Virtual Contest)

April 27, 2021: Texas A&M University- Poultry and Livestock (at Brazos County Fair Grounds)

April 28, 20201: Sam Houston State University- Farm Business Management (Online), Marketing Plan (Virtual Contest)

April 29, 2021:  Tarleton State University - Dairy Cattle, ENR, Homesite, Land, Milk Quality & Range

April 30, 2021:  Sam Houston State University - Ag. Mech, Floriculture, Forage & Nursery/Landscape, & Ag Sales (Virtual Contest)

May 1, 2021:  Texas A&M University - Meats


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