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Students apply the fundamentals of entomology and develop skills in identifying common insects and their significance to people and agriculture.

There are three versions of the Entomology Drop Sheet available for you to download, please use the one that is most effective for your team.

Entomology ID lists can be found here: https://www.judgingcard.com/resources/list.aspx?list=ento

NameDate AddedSize
Entomology Rules 2022-2026 11/16/2021 107 KB
Entomology Drop Sheet_2022-2026 11/16/2021 109 KB
Entomology Drop Sheet w/Horizontal Lines_2022 11/16/2021 158 KB
Entomology Simple Drop Sheet_2022 11/16/2021 89 KB
Entomology Exam Bank_2022-2026 11/19/2021 211 KB
Entomology Exam Bank KEY_2022-2026 11/19/2021 212 KB

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Location: Texas Tech University
Date: April 23-24, 2021
Contact: Scott Longing

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