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Students apply the information gained through enrollment in the agricultural science wildlife management course to demonstrate and identify plant species, proper habitat management practices, safety procedures, game laws, management techniques as well as compass and pacing skills.

The Wildlife Study Guide is available from IMS and can be found here:  https://agrilifelearn.tamu.edu/s/product/wildlife-recreation-management-study-guide-cde-2021/01t4x000002dEvbAAE

To downline the Wildlife Study Guide, please click here. 

Genuine Judging Card Scan sheet #710TX-6 is required for this contest! 

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Send entry fees and registration to:
Visit www.JudgingCard.com for contest registration and results. 

*Approved Materials for this CDE Contest Are: 4 Quadrant Official Drop Sheet, Ziploc Bag, Clean Folder, and Copy of Scan Sheet*

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