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Current Membership      
The current membership of Texas FFA is 170,069. 

Annual Dues      
National Dues:  $7.00 ($2 goes to publication/distribution of FFA New Horizons magazine)
Texas Dues:      $7.00
TOTAL:           $14.00 (Not including area, district or local dues)

*Jr. Dues are $7.00 per year as it is a state-only membership

Texas FFA Degrees      
Many levels of the FFA can award degrees of membership to that level, signifying an individual member's accomplishments. The recognized Degrees of Membership are (L to R): Discovery, Greenhand, Chapter, State and National.


Texas FFA allocates delegates for chapter representation based on chapter membership. 

Program of Activities      
Successful FFA chapters understand that success is the result of planning carefully, then carrying out the plans. They organize their plans through a written Program of Activities (POA) that defines chapter goals, establishes functioning committees and outlines the steps students will take to meet the goals. The POA must be tailored to meet the unique needs of the local chapter, members and community.

  Corporate Sponsors

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