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Students working in teams demonstrate their technical competency with small and large animals by completing a written exam, critical-thinking scenario questions, identifications and hands-on practicums.

Additional Vet Tech Resources:

Genuine Judging Card Scan sheet Horticulture #105482 is required for this contest! 

2024 Practicum List:

  1. Administering an Oral Tablet/Capsule
  2. Bandage Removal
  3. Fecal Flotation
  4. Cost Calculation **NOTE: this skills rubric will be used in conjunction with hands-on practicums
  5. Opening a Surgery Pack
  6. Dosage Calculation **NOTE: This skills rubric will be used in conjunction with hands-on practicums
  7. Filling a Prescription
  8. Placing a Tail Tie
  9. Preparing Surgery Pack
  10. Suture Removal

All of the rubrics can be downloaded from this web page: RUBRICS

Please note: 
There is not an official exam question bank or study guide for the exam portion of this contest. All exams will have original questions that are not directly from a manual such as the Texas A&M AgriLife Veterinary Science Certificate Program Handbook. 

Practicum Rubrics      
NameDate AddedSize
Administering Intramuscular Injection 1/6/2023 135 KB
Administering Opthalmic Medication 1/6/2023 130 KB
Administering Oral Tablet 1/6/2023 123 KB
Administering SubQ Injections 1/6/2023 131 KB
Bandage Removal 1/6/2023 130 KB
Cost Calculation 1/6/2023 198 KB
Dilution Calculation 1/6/2023 253 KB
Dog Muzzle 1/6/2023 182 KB
Filling a Prescription 1/6/2023 133 KB
Opening Surgical Packet 1/6/2023 133 KB

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  2024 State Event

Date: April 27

Location: Texas A&M University

Superintendent: Misty Skaggs





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