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Meet Your State Officers      
Meet Your State Officers
2023-2024 Texas FFA Officer Team:
Isaac Hawkins Jr., Area IV - State President (Tarleton University)
Elise Sharp, Area XI - State First Vice President (Texas Tech University)
Summer Bowman, Area I (West Texas A&M)
Henry Downing, Area II (West Texas A&M)
Jaime Hahn, Area III (Texas A&M)
Weston Parr, Area V (West Texas A&M)
Jacqueline Rand, Area VI (Baylor University)
Nicole Pruski, Area VII (Texas A&M)
Paris Sanchez, Area VIII (Texas A&M)
Cheyenne Cooley, Area IX (Texas A&M)
Blake Koether, Area X (Texas A&M)
Rylee Sassenberg, Area XII (Texas Tech University)

A team of twelve Texas FFA State Officers represent each of the twelve area associations within Texas FFA. These student officers work in partnership with the board of directors to develop policy for the Texas FFA Association and provide student leadership to Texas FFA members.

Each area association selects one candidate to serve on the state officer team during the annual state FFA convention. Once all areas have selected a representative, the delegates then elect a president and first vice president from the final twelve candidates. The remaining ten officers serve as vice presidents from their respective area associations.

All officers have responsibilities to the state association and leadership duties in their areas. State officers serve a one-year term.

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