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Your 2020-2021 Texas FFA Officer Team:

Blake Mills, Area VII, President
Emilee Sanderson, Area II, First Vice President
Faith Snapp, Area I 
Annie Valicek, Area III
Kirby Russell, Area IV
Caitlyn Muckensturm, Area V
Bella Yoder, Area VI
Amy Wallen, Area VIII
Carson Davis, Area IX
Alexa Salinas, Area X
Ryan Williamson, Area XI
Rachel Bradford, Area XII

State Officer Request Form (Area, Distrct, and Chapter Level Events)      

The 2020-2021 state officer team stands ready and willing to serve our members during this unknown season. To request a state officer for a virtual or in person event, please complete this form. In person state officer travel requires approval from the Leadership Development Coordinator and the Executive Director. Additionally, the state officer must have a specific role at in person events in order for their attendance to be approved. For example. they should be doing something that would add value to the event (facilitating a workshop, etc.). We are asking for a two-week notice on virtual experiences and four-week notice on in-person requests. Allow up to three business days to receive a response from state staff regarding your request. Please reach Angelica Aldana, the Leadership Development Coordinator, should you have any questions at

Please note that submission of the form does not guarantee attendance, but is required for officer assignment. The Texas FFA will contact your organization and discuss the requested officer's availability with you.

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