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* New Chapter Information Sheet and Instructional Program Form must be received at the Texas FFA office by October 1st, but no earlier than August 1st,  in order to go through the New Chapter Process for that membership year*

The local program is agricultural education's primary delivery vehicle and the local chapter is the FFA's most vital unit.  FFA is agricultural education's leadership and personal skill development component. The state association and its administrative subdivisions--districts and areas--exist to support the mission of the local chapter in developing opportunities for members to master and apply leadership skills in a functioning local organization, demonstrate knowledge and skills in competitive events, gain recognition for outstanding supervised experience programs through degrees and awards and earn scholarships for future educational endeavors through a strong award and academic scholarship program.
In each community, school district and on each campus where an FFA chapter is chartered, the local unit is the face of the entire agricultural education/FFA system.  Therefore, the Texas FFA has a vested interest in ensuring that each new chapter reflects the values and elements of an effective chapter.  The Texas FFA exercises this prerogative through the application of the emblem and trademarks of the organization which are protected by federal law and policies enacted by the National FFA Organization and the Texas FFA Association. 
Agricultural education programs in public, charter or accredited private schools who wish to charter an FFA chapter should download and print the documents listed at the bottom of this page and follow the chartering steps described, beginning with the verification of a systematic instructional program pursuant to the TEA State Plan for Career and Technical Education. Once the instructional program is verified and approved, a chapter number shall be secured and a provisional (temporary) charter shall be issued. This temporary charter allows a new local chapter to participate just like any other chapter, but expires at the end of the membership year (July 31) during which it is issued unless extended by the state executive director.  A permanent charter is issued when all criteria and benchmarks established by Texas FFA Association policy are satisfied.  Charter documents shall be issued at the state convention held during the membership year of permanent charter issue. 

JumpSTART Academy      

JumpSTART Academy: Where Successful Teams Achieve Results Together

This conference was created to help students “jump start” their newly chartered FFA chapters and begin a legacy that will live on in their community for years to come. This program is only for new chapters, and though it is not required, it is highly encouraged

Private Schools Memorandum      
To:        Private School Administrators
From:    Tom Maynard, Texas FFA Executive Director
Re:        FFA in private schools
More than 115,000 Texas students studying agricultural education benefit from the hands-on leadership development and life skills training experiences provided through the Texas FFA Association.
With more than 80 years of tradition and cutting edge excellence, FFA is integral to an instructional program in Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, a curriculum that has great potential to support your school's core curriculum while preparing students for careers related to the food and fiber industry.  Students have opportunities to participate to in competitive events at the state and national levels, exert significant leadership through elected offices, gain significant recognition and earn scholarships to pursue post-secondary education.
Historically, agricultural education has been the exclusive domain of the public schools.  However, private schools which open their doors to all students, establish a state-approved instructional program, and employ a TEA approved agriculture, food and natural resources instructors may charter an FFA chapter and provide access to these remarkable opportunities for their students.
Please do not hesitate to contact us to inquire about the possibilities of agricultural education and the FFA in a private school setting.


Documents have been updated for the 2023-2024 membership year. No documentation submissions will be accepted until after August 1.    

NameDate AddedSize
Instructional Program Form 7/26/2023 310 KB
New Chapter Information Sheet 7/26/2023 1595 KB
Steps for Chartering a Chapter 7/26/2023 341 KB
Sample Constitution & Bylaws (7/2021) 7/30/2021 36 KB
Letter of Application for Charter 7/28/2021 15 KB

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  Upcoming Deadlines

Documentation has been updated for the 2023-2024 year.

September 15- Deadline for Chapter Information Sheet and Instructional Program Form Submission for any school wishing to enter the chartering process in the 2023-2024 membership year.


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