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Teams consisting of four members participate in a simulated news conference, then use the information collected to complete practical problems including writing a news story and press release; preparing a radio broadcast; creating a three-page Web site and developing a page layout. Participants also complete a written communications quiz and an editing exercise.

The State winning team will advance to national competition that is held during the National FFA Convention in late October.

TTU's Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow will host its ag communications CDE practice contest on April 21 at TTU.  Information can be found here:

All entries must be RECEIVED by noon on April 11.  The entries will be judged that afternoon, so anything received after that date will not be judged.  Please contact Lucchese Cogdell at with any questions regarding this practice event.

 ***Please make note of the following 2018 Practicum corrections posted on 3/26/18***

Op-Ed Practicum

The official contest rules state that an op-ed rules should be 500-750 words. In the information I sent in January, I incorrectly stated that it would be 250-300 words.  That was my mistake, and we will follow the state rules of 500-750 words.  Another reminder for your op-ed writers:  This practicum requires the student to bring their own laptop and be able to log in.  Make sure there are no unknown passwords or locks on the computers. We are unable to help the student with these issues, and we will not stop the contest to offer assistance.

Web Design Practicum

We are confirmed in labs that offer both Macs and PCs. We will do our very best to accommodate the student’s preference.  A change from last year’s contest is that we will provide the login credentials to  Our room monitors will assist the students in logging in and getting to the correct screen to start designing.

Video Production Practicum

The computer lab with the correct software offers Mac computers only. We will install the files for the students and will have Adobe Premiere open so that they can begin editing as soon as they enter the lab. Please have your video producer bring headphones. We want each student to be successful, and minimizing the noise from the other contestants’ computers will help them.

With all practicums, once the timers begin, the lab monitors will only assist if there is a malfunction of the computer. 

NameDate AddedSize
2017-21 Ag Communications Rules 10/14/2016 253 KB
2018 Ag Comm Practicum Information 1/20/2018 28 KB
Sample Ed Quiz 1/14/2016 37 KB
Sample Quiz Key 1/14/2016 50 KB
Editing Talking Pts 1/14/2016 31 KB
Ag Comm Style Guide 1/14/2016 1409 KB
Ag Comm Study Guide 1/17/2017 3971 KB
2017-21 Ag Comm Electronic Media Rubric 1/20/2018 114 KB
2017-21 Ag Comm Journalistic Writing Rubric 1/20/2018 114 KB
2017-21 Ag Comm Opinion Writing Practicum Rubric 1/20/2018 114 KB
2017-21 Ag Comm Web Page Design Rubric 1/20/2018 114 KB

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  State Event
Location: Texas Tech University
Date: April 27, 2019
Contact: Erica Irlbeck

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