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Leadership Development Events focus on creating situations for members to demonstrate their abilities in public speaking, decision making, communication and their knowledge of agriculture and the FFA organization. Team and individual events are used to reinforce what is taught in agricultural science classrooms.

All LDE events have elimination rounds at the district and area before the state level competition. Please refer to your district and area calendars for competition dates. 

Link to E-Rubric Library: https://www.judgingcard.com/resources/rubrics.aspx

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Current Documents      
NameDate AddedSize
2022-2026 LDE Rules 11/7/2022 851 KB
2023 Ag Issues and Briefs 5/12/2023 443 KB
2023 Farm Facts 5/12/2023 1528 KB
District Officer Study Guide Updated Spring 2023 5/22/2023 14388 KB
Leadership Guide Updated Spring 2023 5/22/2023 17913 KB
2022 Ag Issues Briefs 8/15/2022 513 KB
2022 Farm Facts 8/15/2022 610 KB
July 2022 LDE Advisory Committee Minutes 8/15/2022 82 KB

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  Registration & Results
Visit www.JudgingCard.com for contest registration and results.


  Press Release Templates and Photos
2022 State LDE Backdrop Photos
2022 LDE Press Templates

  State LDE Service Project
We are living to serve! The Texas FFA Association is excited to collect canned food donations which will benefit the Good Shepherd Mission in Huntsville! Chapters attending the state LDE contents are encouraged to bring donations.

If you are not traveling to Huntsville but want to contribute, we encourage you to send your donations with a local chapter that will be making the trip.

  Corduroy Network
The goal of the Corduroy Network is to provide teachers and contest facilitators with a list of qualified judges for various FFA events.

View the network here. 

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