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New this cycle:  All State Fair orders must be paid in full prior to July 7, 2018.  Please print your invoice after submitting your order and remit payment.

Tag ordering closed on June 7, 2018.  No additional tags will be sold after this date.

The 2018 State Fair Validation Checklist and all remaining State Fair documents are now available!  You can find them at the bottom of this page.  Make sure all items are included when returning validation materials. 

State Fair tag orders begin April 1, 2018. Please visit  http://validate.texasffa.org/ to submit your orders.

County Chairpersons Please Note:  Your county swine validation account balance must be in good standing, or you will not be able to order 2018 State Fair tags.  Please make sure all previous orders are paid prior to the April 1, 2018 opening date.

***Please Note:  The swine validation ordering system may show your order as 'unpaid'.  The payment system currently does not post out orders from the validation ordering system as they are paid.  Those counties who have paid have had a receipt emailed to the email address on the order.  Those counties who have balances due have already received an email requesting payment.  We hope to have the 2 systems in sync very soon!***

County officials will need their county password to login to the system to place orders, print invoices and forms, submit tag/ear notch corrections and complete the student tag information. If you do not know your county's login password, please contact Carolee Frampton with the Texas FFA office at cframpton@texasffa.org.


FAQ's for State Fair      

Have you already placed an order, but need more tags? 

No problem!  As the county coordinator, simply log in to the swine validation system and place an additional order for the additional number of tags that you need!  For example, you already ordered 15, but need 2 more.  Place a second order for 2 tags only, bringing the total number of tags ordered for your county to 17.  You may place as many orders as necessary, just remember to order only the number of additional tags that you need!

State Fair Exhibitor Information:


2018 State Fair Livestock Department phone number:  214-421-8723.

2018 State Fair Swine Validation Ordering/Process Information      

Only the Swine Validation Chairman from each county may order tags.  Once the order has been placed, print the invoice and mail payment to the State office:

                   Texas FFA Association
                   ATTN:  2018 State Fair Swine Validation
                   614 E. 12th Street
                   Austin, Texas  78701

COST:       April      $15.00 each
                    May      $18.00 each
                    June      $18.00 each

                    ***All orders will ship 2-3 day priority mail.***

ORDERS/SHIPPING: Address on order form should be SHIPPING address, please NO PO BOX addresses - we are not able to verify delivery to PO Boxes other than received at the post office. Orders received in April will ship the second week of May. Orders received in May/June will ship by the end of the second week of June - please keep this in mind when scheduling your validation dates!

VALIDATION: All official validation and tagging should occur on or before 11:59pm June 30, 2018 in the presence of the County Swine Validation Committee.  Under no circumstances should tags be handed out for offsite tagging.  All hogs are required to have tags placed in their ears at the time of state validation.

After Validation Occurs      

REMINDER:  It is the duty of the county chair to input all swine tag assignment information into the swine validation website.  http://validate.texasffa.org/

Materials Must Be Postmarked by July 7, 2018:

Swine Tag Form (White Copy Only - yellow copy stays with county coordinator, manila is given to the exhibitor)
 - Filed in alphabetical order and secured with rubber bands please.

Hair envelopes
 - Must have Last Name, First Name (printed and signed).
 - Filed alphabetically and secured with rubber bands please.        
 - Do not pre-sign or enter any data on these envelopes, as this voids the envelope.

Signed Ethics Policies
 - signature page only
 - Filed alphabetically and secured.

Signed Committee Forms
 - This form is located on the swine validation website http://validate.texasffa.org.   Click on 2018 State Fair Swine Validation once you have logged in - the Committee Forms are at the bottom of the forms section.

Tag Assignment Form
 - Please include a printed copy of the tag assignment form with the rest of the validation materials. Once all exhibitor information is entered, click on 'print tag assignment listing' in the upper right corner of your screen. This form will be used as the master materials check-in list for your county.

Corrections, Transfers, Replacement Tags      

Change of Ownership Forms - Found on validate.texasffa.org
 - Emailed to: cframpton@texasffa.org or
 - Faxed to: 512-476-2894

Ear-Notch Correction and Ear Tag Replacement Forms - Found on Validate.TexasFFA.org
 - The county chairperson completes the form and enters the information directly into the tag assignment listing online.  These forms no longer need to be sent to the FFA office.
 - These corrections/replacements can be made up until the show check-in date. If the changes are made on site with the FFA Representative, a fee of $10.00 cash is processed.  Replacement ear tags may be purchased at the show for $25.00 cash each.

  Corporate Sponsors
  Superior Trophies  

  Important Dates
Tag Orders: 4/1 to 4/30/18
Late Tag Orders: 5/1 to 6/7/18
Last Day to Order:  6/7/18

Validation Deadline: 6/30/18

All Payments/Reports/Paperwork Postmarked By: 7/7/18

All Corrections Due: 7/7/18, or Tag Replacements/ear notch online corrections until the day before the show.

  Swine Validation
Visit the website:


Carolee Frampton
(ordering and payment information)
Budget & Finance Coordinator
Texas FFA Association
Office: 512-480-8045
Fax: 512-476-2894
Email: cframpton@texasffa.org

Tammy Glascock
(procedural/validation information)
Swine Validation Coordinator
Texas FFA Association
Cell:  940-367-6245
Email: tammy@texasffa.org

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