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The 2022 State Leadership Conference will be held from May 28 - May 31, 2022.  More information coming soon!

Location: San Angelo State University, San Angelo, Texas

Arrival: Saturday, May 28th
We will have the Area President's lunch at 12:00 PM and the conference will start at 1:30 PM for all other attendeee.

Depart: Tuesday, May 31st - the conference will be over at 12:00 PM

This conference is hosted by the state officers. Attendees will be all 2022-2023 area officers and one-to-two chaperones from each area, to be comprised of the Area Leadership Development Coordinator and an Area Advisor (usually and preferably the area president's advisor). State Leadership Conference is mandatory from beginning to end for all area officers.


Area Officers should register >HERE<.

Area Chaperons should register >HERE<.

In 2022, registration needs to be completed by all participants no later than Friday, May 20, 2022 at 5:00pm.   

The 2022 registration fee for students and adult chaperones is $75.00 per in-person attendee. Registration should be paid by the area associations to the Texas FFA Association. This can be mailed prior to or paid upon arrival at the conference. Only checks from the area associations that cover all officers for that area will be accepted.

As more information is made available - it will be posted here.

2022 Pertinent Documents      
NameDate AddedSize
Area Officer Memo 5/5/2022 270 KB
2022_SLC Guidelines 5/5/2022 48 KB
2022 SLC Minor Release Form 5/5/2022 389 KB
2022 SLC Health Form 5/5/2022 125 KB
SLC Packing List 5/5/2022 256 KB
2022 State Issues Recommendations 5/5/2022 43 KB
2022 National Issues Recommendations 5/5/2022 46 KB
Area Leadership Conference Report Template 5/5/2022 1013 KB

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