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Through Texas FFA leadership development opportunities, members begin to discover their unique talents, values, and ambitions. Programs provide members with the opportunity to develop leadership skills.

JumpSTART: A Texas FFA Welcome for New Chapters      
JumpSTART Academy: where Successful Teams Achieve Results Together

This conference was created to help students “jump start” their newly chartered FFA chapters and begin a legacy that will live on in their community for years to come. This program is only for new chapters, and though it is not required, it is highly encouraged.

Greenhand Leadership Conference: An Introduction to FFA      

A Greenhand Leadership Conference curriculum is provided by the Texas FFA Association and is available to areas for reference, use as a template, or direct implementation. The curriculum outlines tactics, techniques, and procedures for the development and completion of an effective Greenhand leadership event.

Made for Excellence: A Personal Growth Experience for Sophomores      

Leadership starts with the individual. This program focuses on personal growth and capitalizes on the wisdom, courage, and strength students need to be successful as individual leaders. Made for Excellence is a one-day experience open to ALL sophomore Texas FFA members and will be held in conjunction with the Building Excellence and Executing with Excellence conferences.

Building Excellence: A Generation Ziglar Experience for Juniors      

This conference is facilitated by Ziglar Youth Certified Speakers and focuses on self-image, relationship building, and goal-setting. Building Excellence is a one-day experience open to ALL Texas FFA members in their junior year of high school and will be held in conjunction with the Made for Excellence and Executing with Excellence conferences.

Executing with Excellence: A Post-FFA Springboard for Seniors      

NEW in Fall 2018! This leadership development experience for seniors will help graduating FFA members learn how to apply what they have learned in the FFA jacket to their post-secondary education or the workforce. Executing with Excellence will be a one-day experience held in conjunction with the Made for Excellence and Building Excellence conferences. It's open to ALL Texas FFA seniors.

State Leadership Conference: An Elite Area Officer Training      
State Leadership Conference is the Texas FFA State Officer-administered leadership conference for area officers, hosted in the month of June. Area officers are immersed in a four-day leadership training in which they are given the concepts and the skill sets to effectively serve as an area officer. From facilitation to the committee process, State Leadership Conference has been a long-standing pillar of Texas FFA leadership development.

Ford Leadership Scholars: A Community Service Driven Experience for Seniors      
Texas FFA Ford Leadership Scholars is a community service driven, professional development program designed as a partnership between the Texas FFA Association, the Texas FFA Foundation, and Ford Motor Company. This program revolves around six leadership tenants: vision, action, awareness, relationships, character, and continuous improvement. The Ford Leadership Scholars program pushes students to their leadership limits to the point that they understand success in terms of one thing: sustainable results.

  Corporate Sponsors

To provide ALL Texas FFA members with a leadership development experience. 

  Apply to Facilitate!
The application deadline for facilitators has passed this year, but check back in the spring if you're interested in helping students learn. Applicants must be college students with facilitation experience. Contact Texas FFA's Leadership Development Coordinator to learn more about facilitating these conferences.

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