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Through Texas FFA Leadership Development Opportunities, members begin to discover their unique talents, their values, and their ambition in life. Programs provide them with the opportunity to travel, discover careers in agriculture, and develop their leadership skills.

JumpSTART: A Texas FFA Welcome for New Chapters!      
One way to improve your newly started chapter is to participate in the Jump START Academy where Successful Teams Achieve Results Together. This conference was created to help students “jump start” their newly chartered FFA chapters and begin a legacy that will live on in their community for years to come.

Greenhand Leadership Conference: A Premier Leadership Curriculum      
  A curriculum provided by the Texas FFA Association, which is available to Areas for reference, use as a template, or direct implementation. The Curriculum outlines tactics, techniques, and procedures for the development and completion of an effective Greenhand leadership event. 

Made For Excellence: A Personal Growth Experience      
  Personal development starts with the individual. This program targets  Self-discovery of talents, strengths, interests and personal character are emphasized as the individual is channeled to discover their passion in life. This conference focuses on "ME: one's personal skills and development of the ability to be successful."  

The Officership Series: A Premier Leadership Experience      

  The Officership Series is a Three-Part series focused on the more advanced aspects of leadership through service. These programs are designed for students who are pursing the state degree, and have an expressed interest in the more advanced concepts of Texas FFA Leadership. The series is not restricted to only those who hold an office, but those who are seeking a more in-depth analysis of leadership concepts, principles, and practices

Limitless: A Career Success Roadmap      
Limitless prepares graduating seniors for their transition into the workforce or post-secondary education, as it’s time to make the parallels between the Texas FFA and a Career Success opportunity abundantly clear. Participants will be able to bring their FFA Experience to Life in a resume, cover letter, or admissions essay; and, will hear from employers, sponsors, and recruiters what the workforce is looking for, and where the Texas FFA is moving in the right direction

State Leadership Conference: An Area Officer Proving Ground      
State Leadership Conference is the Texas FFA State Officer-Administered leadership conference for Area Officers, hosted in the month of June immediately preceding state convention. Area Officers are immersed in a four-day leadership training where they are given the concepts and the skill sets to effectively serve as an Area Officer. From facilitation, to strategic planning, to the committee process, State Leadership Conference has been a long-standing pillar of Texas FFA Leadership.

Ethical Leadership Fellows      

  Texas FFA Ethical Leadership Fellows is an elite training opportunity for a “values and ethics” driven curriculum development, in cooperation with the Soderquist Institute. The Ethical Leadership Fellows is a nomination driven process selecting a past member from one of the premier programs of the State FFA Officers, the Ford Leadership Scholars, and the Texas FFA Foundation Ambassadors. 

Ford Leadership Scholars      
  Texas FFA Ford Leadership Scholars - a community service driven professional development program, designed as a partnership between the Texas FFA Association, the Texas FFA Foundation, and Ford Motor Company. This program revolves around six leadership tenants: Vision, Action, Awareness, Relationships, Character, and Continuous Improvement. Deemed the most rigorous of curriculums in the Texas FFA Leadership Catalog, the Ford Leadership Scholars pushes students to their leadership limits to the point that they understand success in terms of one thing: sustainable results. 

2016-2017 Leadership Catalogue      
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Gold Standards Leadership Catalogue 8/2/2016 1541 KB

  Corporate Sponsors
  Texas Farm Bureau  

  Infinite Purpose
To provide a First-Class Leadership Experience which empowers all Texas FFA Members. 

  Infinite Values

Selflessness- Greater concern for the Texas FFA than ourselves

Empowering Others- Investing our time to develop others to become the best version of themselves

Reason- Understanding the motive of our mission; the power of the mind to think, understand, and make decisions by a process of values-based logic

Vision- Establishing a clear image for a better tomorrow

Excellence- Forging a first class experience for the members













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