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Since 2009, the Texas FFA Ford Leadership Scholars program has been preparing members to go back to their communities to develop substantial and sustainable community service capstone projects. Below is a list of past scholars, project descriptions, photos and maps displaying the communities that have been impacted and in what way. 

Class of 2010      
Brittany Blum, Kasey Kram, Katherine Leggett, Leighton James, Molly Dutton, Peyton Ricks, Shelbie Thames, Stevie Hall, Travis McCubbin and Victoria Pilger

Class of 2011      
Brianna Hubbard, K'leigh Wallis, Kallie Fuchs, Brooke Millican, Brynna Diller, Russell Carrell, Betsy James, Chelsea Hall, Kaylie Walker and Cody Nedbalek

Class of 2012      
Madison Yandell, Victoria Osburn, Callie Henley, Bryce Winfrey, Hayden Lander, Kaylee Paul, Shelby Eckhardt, Brandie Rohmann, Katharine Carter and Bailey Keith

Class of 2013      
Alea Carrell, Audrey Irwin, Cullen Reeves, Hannah Chute, James Maynard, Kathryn McCauley, Kelsey Jozwiak, Mallory Aleman, Micah Newton and Shelby James

Class of 2014      
Brittney Borserine, John Derry, Gabrielle Alcala, Blake Moseley, Benjamin Johnson, Kloe Burris, Kaleb Dautrich, Taylor Swinson, Caitlin Lakey and Chelsey Weems

Class of 2015      
Katherine Kendrick, Isabella Chapa, Lauryn Galloway, Jake Traylor, McKenna Bush, Kristin Keally, Payton Lipsey, Bailey Scogin, Conner McKinzie and Katherine Smith

Class of 2016      
Taylin Antonick, James Mismash, Lyndi Luttrull, John Callan, Camryn Frederick, Laney Mosley, Reginald Lane, Katherine Fazzino, Brent Vacek and Kaylynn Welch

Class of 2017      
Samantha Barnett, Erin Steglich, Hunter Hackley, Addison Elstner, Travis Davis, Conner Neumann, Riley McKinzie, Luke Dotson, Tatum Whitewood and Caroline Rains

Class of 2018      
Brady Barrow, Hollie Berg, Conley Grimet, Steven Iida, McKenna Holloway, Dawson Killen, Carlye Winfrey, Meghan Hein, Haylee Young and Emma Mosely

Class of 2019      
Cassady Craddock, Seth Hale, Gracie Kempken, Madison Klam, McKinley Lee, Matthew Marquez, Caitlyn Muckenstrum, Reagan Powers, Gunner Purcell and Ryan Williamson

Class of 2020      
Savannah Allen, Giselle Ashton, Leo Banuelos, Bailee Chavez, Breanna Chavez, Ryan Hess, Chloe Krause, Taylor Limbaugh, Claire Vyvlecka and Camryn Wilder

Class of 2021      
Caden Black, Bryce Fisher, Amanda Hoffmann, Kaitlynn Hughes, Joseph Nelson, Ava Pluchino, Lauren Sapp,
Gabrielle Shultz, Dylan Sweatt and Rylee Vacek

Class of 2022      
Lily Ford, Jaime Hahn, Tanner Patrick, Sofia Perez, Madison Perkins, Gentri Phillips, Jacie Pennington, Jacey Sharkey, Miranda Skaggs and Nataly Taylor.

Class of 2023      
Lilly Adams, Thomas Dean, Joeli Hardy, Hunter Lawson, Shayla Mader, Gauge McCain, Gus Mushinski, Tracer Rice, Mia Stowe and Natalie Troyer

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  Past Project Maps
Over the past decade, more than 100 communities have been positivity impacted by Ford Leadership Scholars' sustainable community service capstone projects. 

Take a look at the maps below displaying the communities that have been influenced and in what ways!

Map of Projects From 2010-2019
Map of Projects From 2020-Present

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