Class of 2010  
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Brittany Blum
Howe FFA
Agriculture Education/Community Development Project- Increase agricultural
awareness in home community.

Kasey Kram
Weimar FFA Community Development Project- Development of walking trail near local school.

Katherine Leggett
Little Cypress - Mauriceville FFA
Agricultural Education Project- Agricultural advocacy project directed at orange
county schools.

Leighton James
Tuloso-Midway FFA
Personal Development Project- Peer mentorship program.

Molly Dutton
Iowa Park FFA
Community Development Project- Local park restoration.

Peyton Ricks
Woodville FFA
Community Development Project- Construction of local building at local
community garden.

Shelbie Thames
East Central FFA
Education Development Project- After school program for younger students.

Stevie Hall
Frankston FFA
Education Development Project- Teen suicide prevention.

Travis McCubbin
Devine FFA
Education Development Project- School tutoring program.

Victoria Pilger
A&M Consolidated
Agricultural Literacy Project- Agricultural coloring books and classroom

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