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A member presents the FFA Creed in Spanish from memory and answers questions about its meaning and purpose. This event is just one way to boost self-confidence, earn recognition, and develop powerful, organized and professional communication skills.

There are both Greenhand and Senior levels for this event.

*IMPORTANT STATE CONTEST NOTE - Spanish Creed Speaking contestants will be sequestered, similar to Creed Speaking contestants, at the time the event begins.  

Please note that the Texas version of the Spanish Creed differs from the National FFA version! 

***Beginning in 2023, the National FFA Spanish Creed Invitational will be held in conjunction with National Convention. The 2024 National FFA Spanish Creed Invitational will be held Wednesday, October 23, 2024 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Top Two individuals in the Greenhand Spanish Creed contest will be invited to compete in the National FFA Spanish Creed Invitational. 

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