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JumpSTART Academy: where Successful Teams Achieve Results Together

This conference was created to help students “jump start” their newly chartered FFA chapters and begin a legacy that will live on in their community for years to come. This program is only for new chapters, and though it is not required, it is highly encouraged.

All chartering FFA chapters will be contacted directly about the upcoming JumpSTART Academy that is geographically closest to them once scheduled each year. 

Learning to Do, Doing to Learn      

In FFA, we are always “Learning to Do, Doing to Learn,” just as our motto states. The JumpSTART Academy is no different as we challenge new chapters to learn and grow as teams and effective chapter members. The conference offers a dynamic team building exercise, a chance to learn about officer roles and responsibilities, and methods for building a Program of Activities. 

Jump-Starting Your Team      

The team building exercise teaches students about the different types of people and personalities that make up a team. We help students understand how different members are needed and how they can work together to achieve a common goal. 

Jump-Starting Your Officers      

With newly chartered chapters comes newly charted waters. To help officers of your chapters understand their role, current state officers teach them about the different responsibilities of chapter officers and help them work through the steps of effective chapter meetings through discussing topics such as “Order of Business” and “Parliamentary Procedure.”

Jump-Starting Your Program of Activities      

Charter chapter members learn the “ins” and “outs” of developing a successful Program of Activities (POA). They work with state staff to learn the purpose of a POA and how to develop one. Students hear how a POA works through voices from the corporate world before putting it all into action in their own chapter.

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