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Districts and areas are administrative subdivisions of the Texas FFA Association and are organized to provide both student and teacher leadership structure for program delivery in the various parts of Texas. Currently, there are 66 district associations and 12 area associations. FFA members have opportunities to serve as officers of their respective district and area. 
Evaluation and selection of district and area officer candidates are governed by the constitution, bylaws and policies of each respective association within the parameters prescribed by the Texas FFA Constitution, Bylaws and board policies. However, Texas FFA does provide support for these processes. Districts and areas have the opportunity to opt into an officer candidate testing system and use the standard district and area officer candidate applications. Members and teachers should consult with the leaders of their respective associations determine what systems are being used for their district and area processes. 
To opt into the online applications, designated district or area officer selection coordinators should contact Gwenn Winsauer, gwenn@texasffa.org for activation. There is no cost to districts and areas to use the online officer applications.

Behavioral Interview      
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Behaviorial Interview Overview 12/13/2015 38 KB
Gallup Definitions for Talents 12/13/2015 21 KB
How to write Behavioral Interview Questions 12/13/2015 35 KB
Interview Score Sheet 12/13/2015 22 KB
Strength Based Education 12/13/2015 51 KB
Strength Cards 12/13/2015 24 KB
Strength Traits 12/13/2015 117 KB

Written Application      
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New Course Listings for Application 12/13/2015 494 KB
State Officer Application Rubric 12/13/2015 33 KB
State Officer Resume Template 12/13/2015 24 KB

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