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Texas FFA Community Outreach Programs and Support (C.O.P.S.)      
Who: All Texas FFA Chapters
What: An opportunity to serve those who serve and protect our homes and communities
When: Beginning Friday, November 11th, 2016 until June 2nd, 2017
Where: In and around your local community
Why: There is no time like the present to show our appreciation and support for our law enforcement officers

How do we get involved? 
A chapter can take part in a current community service project that is already in place, or develop one that is entirely new! The goal is to help local law enforcement teams in a way that demonstrates our appreciation. Another option is to identify a local officer and tell their story through the MyTexasFFA App for the entire Texas FFA Network to share in their appreciation.

It is also encouraged that chapters submit a press release to their local media outlets to promote their events and stories. Newspapers, newsletters, bulletins, local TV, city council meetings, radio broadcasts, and social media are fantastic outlets to create community awareness and engagement regarding your chapter’s efforts on behalf of law enforcement.

Then what?
The Texas FFA will select an officer from each represented branch of service from the chapter submissions for on-sage recognition at the 89th Annual Texas FFA Convention in Corpus Christi. One chapter per area will also be selected for recognition for their contributions through a collaborative or independent service project- the more creative and the greater the scope will lead to selection!

Useful Documents      
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C.O.P.S Fact Sheet 11/17/2016 390 KB
C.O.P.S. Handout 11/17/2016 994 KB

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  Quick Questions
What is the C.O.P.S. Program? 
The letters “C.O.P.S” stand for Community Outreach Programs and Support; an initiative which encourages FFA members and chapters to serve those who serve our communities!
What is the C.O.P.S. Mission? 
Collaborative community enhancement opportunities, publicized recognition, and appreciation through service - the Texas FFA strives to makes a positive difference in the homes and communities of its members.
How can we get involved? 
There are many ways to get involved! Create a service project benefiting a local department, highlight an officer or agency by recognizing them publicly, or join in serving you community through an existing project. Don’t forget to share your story by emailing 

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