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Each of the Texas FFA’s districts have unique election policies and procedures. One of the more common features of these elections is the FFA knowledge test. The purpose of the exam is to assess a candidate’s level of understanding about the organization since he or she will be a recognized leader of a district or area association in the nation’s largest state FFA association. It is also a measure of one’s commitment. Before candidates ask delegates to cast a vote to support in their respective quest for an office, are they willing to put in the time and effort it takes to know and understand the organization they wish to lead?

Running for office is a big step that involves a degree of risk. When one steps out and away from the familiar surroundings of the local chapter to ask other members of the district, area or state for their vote, there is always a chance of disappointment. Millions of Americans wrestle with the same discomfort when they file as candidates for city councils, cooperative boards, county commissioner courts, school boards, state legislatures, U.S. Congress and a host of other offices. However, because of these risk-takers, the process is competitive and our nation is stronger. No matter what happens in student’s FFA election, the officer election process stronger because members take the risk, step out of their comfort zone to have that sweaty-palm experience of putting themselves before the voters in a competitive process. Each candidate gains an added strength of character that comes from this unique experience.

It is both an honor and a great responsibility to serve as an elected public servant. Texas FFA members have the opportunity to serve others in as officers beyond the local chapter by serving as officers of one of 66 district associations, twelve area associations or of the state association.

Texas FFA Association uses an online testing system that generates multiple choice exams for each election level. A bank of questions have been developed and rated for degree of difficulty:
1. Information which should have been acquired in the Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources introductory curriculum.
2. Information and understanding which should be mastered by any chapter officer in a local program that has a functioning program of activities.
3. Information beyond the chapter level. Information and concepts which should be understood by a student leading a district association and conducting training for chapter officers.
4. Information and concepts applicable to area officers.
5. Information and concepts applicable to state officers.

Please use this LINK to the LDE Homepage for all of the most current testing documents listed under the Current Documents tab. 
-Leadership Guide
-District Officer Guide 
-Farm Facts 
-Ag Issues Briefs 

Exam Formulation      
Exams are formulated as follows: 

District Officer Candidates:
References: Parliamentary Guide for FFA, Official FFA Manual, District Officer Candidate Study Guide
60 questions: 20 parliamentary, 20 Manual, 20 Study Guide
Difficulty: 1, 2, 3
Time limit: 1:05 (65 minutes)  

Area Officer Candidates:
References: Parliamentary Guide for FFA, Official FFA Manual, Texas FFA Leadership Guide, Farm Facts, Texas Farm Facts, Texas FFA Current Event and Issues Briefs
100 questions: 30 parliamentary, 25 Manual, 25 Leadership Guide, 20 Farm Facts/Current Events-Issues
Difficulty: 2, 3, 4
Time limit: 1:45 (105 minutes)

**Test scores will be available to test administrators. District and area policies vary as to whether or not these scores are released to candidates.

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If you are in charge of the area and district selection processes and would like to setup an online exam, please contact at least one week prior to the exam date.
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