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The primary responsibility of a state FFA officer is to serve. When you become a state officer, you agree to dedicate one year of your life to service with the Texas FFA Association. Your year of service as a state officer is one of profound growth – you will change in ways you never imagined. This may be the greatest personal benefit of serving as a state officer, along with knowing that you alone make a positive difference in the lives of thousands of FFA members, advisors, partners and others.

If elected to serve the association as a state officer, a great deal will be expected of you. Two officers will be asked to forego a year of school to travel the state of Texas, visiting three schools a day for approximately 115 school days. The remaining ten officers will be expected to balance their state FFA officer responsibilities along with other responsibilities such as college coursework (if applicable). A state officer’s schedule requires traveling many miles and meeting thousands of people. This should be considered when an applicant is scheduling their college coursework if planning to attend school during their year of service. 

The materials included on this site are intended for use in preparing oneself for one of the many positions available throughout the selection process. Please refer to the State Officer Selection Handbook (link below) to address specific questions and access an array of training materials. Candidate Resources can be found here.

How to Apply
The State Officer Application will be accessed via your student roster account was opened. Applications for 2023 are open now.

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