2023 State President and First Vice President Selection Procedures at the State Level  
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The State Elections Committee will be composed of the 2023-2024 State Officer team and no less than 2 industry representatives. No other adults may serve on the State Elections Committee. These individuals shall not be current Ag Science Teachers and shall not have any family or close personal relationships with any candidate for State President or other State Elections Committee member.

Candidates may not "give away" or handout any items/gifts/business cards, etc. 

The State President and First Vice President selection will utilize the following scoring formula:

  • Popular Vote of the delegates at the State Convention: 40%
  • Committee Process: 60%; composed of a written knowledge exam 10% and an interview score 50%.

Process Procedures:

  • All State Officer candidates from the Areas will take the written knowledge exam at the same date, time, and location.
  • All State Office candidates will be given the opportunity to participate in a personal round introduction.  This round will NOT be scored but will provide the opportunity for all candidates to introduce themselves and for the State Elections Committee to derive questions.
  • All candidates should be asked the same set of questions during the interview, clarification/follow-up questions are permitted. These questions shall be created by the State Elections Committee upon the conclusion of the Personal Introduction Round.
  • Further explanation of the selection process at the State Convention will be sent out in January.


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