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The Texas FFA State Officer team is equipped and ready to serve members across the state of Texas. Although COVID-19 poses challenges across each school district, the team is ready to meet your students where they are to officer in person or virtual workshops. 

State Officer Visit Request Form      
This form is only for outside of classroom instruction time and does not include any workshops that are facilitated by the travel team. Should you wish for a visit from the travel team, please complete the State Officer Workshop Request Form.

State Officer Workshop Request Form      
This form is only for workshops that are facilitated by the travel team during classroom instruction. Should you wish to schedule an outside of classroom instruction time and does not include any workshops, please complete the State Officer Visit Request Form

Travel Team Workshops      

The travel team has prepared four dynamic leadership workshops that can be adapted to a virtual, in person, or hybrid experience. 

The Why

“The Why” is tailored towards students who are first-year members in FFA. During this workshop, students will discover how they can develop premier leadership skills, prepare for a successful career, and grow personally by saying yes to opportunities in FFA.

Self Discovery: What's Next?

A freshman/sophomore experience, “Self Discovery: What’s Next?” helps students discover how to embrace, explore, and elevate their unique attributes. By understanding that we all bring something unique to the table, students will embrace who they are right now. On the path to knowing their full selves, students will explore opportunities to apply their attributes. Finally, students will discover that having a growth mindset is how they can elevate themselves to where we want to be.


“Vision” is a junior/senior experience designed to help encourage and prepare students for what’s next in their lives. Students will be guided through where they’ve been, where they want to go, and how they can effectively get there.

Fostering an Environment for Growth

“Fostering an Environment for Growth” is a workshop for officer teams at the chapter, district, and area level. By creating an environment of inclusivity, growing the reach of their influence, and assessing team dynamics, officer teams will know how to effectively foster an environment for growth in their chapter.

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Please Note: Area Travel Coordinators are NOT coordinating state officer travel weeks during the 2020-2021.

In order to request an officer to visit your chapter, virtually or in person, please complete one of the forms listed on this page. 

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