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Why I Teach Ag: Benito (Benny) Garza    
Saturday, January 15, 2022 | Author: Texas FFA News

What ag education classes do you teach?
I teach Principles of AFNR, Professional Standards in Agribusiness, Food Technology and Safety, Ag Equipment Design and Fabrication, Agriculture Lab and Field Experience.
Why do you teach ag?
Mr. Jose “Joe” Correa is why I am an ag teacher. Mr. Correa was my ag teacher and the greatest influence in my life, along with my grandparents and my mother. All four of these individuals had everything to do with guiding me in the right direction and showing me the true meaning of leadership, hard work, discipline, and dedication. Mr. Correa provided me with a world of opportunities and set an example for me to follow. His advice, conversations, and guidance lead to my career choice. I teach agriculture because he made a positive difference in my life.

What is your favorite classroom memory as a teacher?
I have so many memories in and out of the classroom, but my favorite is when the light goes on and students “get it.”  Year after year, I see students struggle to learn new things or attempt something for the first time, and my favorite part of being a teacher is that moment when students finally understand or accomplish something new. That moment when I see a student experience that sense of accomplishment and joy in what they’ve done, fortunately in our career, we can experience that almost daily.
What is your favorite FFA memory?
I have countless FFA memories that mean the world to me, that pinpointing one specific instant as my favorite is impossible. Over the years, my students have blessed me and my career with so many unforgettable moments. I will always cherish and appreciate every one of my students and the memories we created along the way.

What advice would you give yourself as a first-year teacher?
You have made the right career choice; now go make a difference in someone’s life the way your ag teacher made in yours.
Why do you believe that ag education is so important?
Ag education is important because it truly impacts and changes students’ lives. In our profession, we are given the opportunity to teach subjects and lessons in the field of agriculture and have the ability to educate students in so many other areas that will help shape their futures in their careers and personal lives.

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