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We Asked “How Did Texas FFA Convention Elevate and Inspire Members?"    
Thursday, July 8, 2021 | Author: Jacie Pennington, Paradise FFA and Avery Schiffner, Snyder FFA

The annual Texas FFA Convention tends to light a spark in the more than 10,000 members and guests that attend each year. The event held each July, provides attendees with opportunities to attend general sessions and leadership workshops, participate in specialized events and activities, receive recognition for their achievements and serve as the legislative body for the Texas FFA Association. It is an exhilarating week of celebration, opportunity, and new experiences.

With that, we wanted to know… “How did this year’s convention inspire you?” 

“It made me feel not so alone, and I was connected to something bigger than myself. I feel like I can one day be up on that stage, and that I can accomplish my dreams.” - Danika Whitaker, Area IV

“I've learned throughout this week to come out of my comfort zone and talk to people, I've made connections all throughout the state and it's just awe-inspiring to see how my life can change in one week.” - Riley Patton, Area IX

“During one of the retiring addresses we discussed mediocrity. I learned how it looks different in each person's life. Mediocrity can also be settling and only think about yourself more than you think about others. I have been inspired to no longer settle with mediocrity.” - Kenedy DeVoe, Area V

“Coming to convention for the first time I finally feel like I have someone I can look up to and relate to. I feel like I've found my family.” - Carson Reine, Area VII 

“It's so fun to meet new people and experience new things. I've made so many new friends all over the state, which is something I could have never done in any other organization.” - Riley Christian, Area IV

“Being here makes me want to strive to be better and do more for not only my chapter, but my area and state as a whole.” - Hunter Mackenzie, Area X

“Hearing the officers speak, and how well they speak, has inspired me to want to be a state officer. And to maybe even go farther.” - Kendall Seidel, Area XII

“I’ve learned from Ryan Williamson to be unapologetically you, to stop saying sorry to people for being yourself. I learned from Bella Yoder that going through the healing process is okay. I’ve been inspired to be myself and to embrace it.” - Maddy Hill, Area V 

“Keep striving. It has taught me that no dream is too small. If the state officers can do it, then so can I.” - Hudson White, Area I

Reporters: Jacie Pennington, Paradise FFA; Avery Schiffner, Snyder FFA
Photographer: Maecy Smith, Jacksonville FFA; Mia Sparks, Chico FFA; Kaytly Clift, Stratford FFA;
Sydney Rapp, Taft FFA; Jill Fulton, Georgetown FFA; Ella Singleton, Grapevine-Colleyville FFA


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