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Travel Team Q&A: Fall 2018    
Saturday, December 15, 2018 | Author: Texas FFA News

As Texas FFA President and First Vice President, Cory Sinkule and Preston Cummings travel the state and will visit more than 400 schools, driving more than 40,000 miles in the Texas FFA Ford Truck during their year of service. They can meet countless members from all different areas of Texas, leaving them with a lot of memories and new friendships. Here is a Q&A to recap the fall semester! 

What was the most unique chapter you visited the fall and why?

Cory: The chapter we visited that I found to be most unique was Aledo FFA. They have made efforts to expand on member engagement, with many of the students being heavily involved in research projects and competing in the Agriscience Fair. At the time we visited them in October, they were also excited to show us how they converted a cattle cooler to house a new aquaponics system!

Preston: Whitehouse FFA was also unique! Their chapter is dedicated to serving the needs of their community through outreach programs such as peer tutoring. 

What has been your favorite SAE project you came across so far?

Preston: I would have to say leathercrafting is one of my favorites. I am so impressed by the skill and creativity multiple members across the state use in crafting goods and accessories such as halters, belts, and wallets.

Who was your most memorable hosts family this fall?

Cory: We have so many great host families this fall, but for me the most memorable has to be the Branscum family from Area I. We first met-up with Mr. Branscum at his stocker cattle operation, and after eating out with his wife and three young daughters, he took us to his farm to search for mule deer. Although we didn’t find any, we did see a few scaled quail as we drove through his circle plots of corn, which I found neat because they are not common to my home area. When we returned to their house for the night, the girls were the first of our host homes to offer us Blue Bell Ice Cream, my favorite!

Preston: One of my favorite host homes was the 1Eleven Cattle Co. in Area V. I really enjoyed spending time with the Drager family, learning about the history of their ranch and driving around their club calf operation.

What chapter was your most memorable audience this fall?

Cory:  While Temple FFA was a relatively small group, it was great to develop many personal relationships with the students. They constantly kept Preston and me on our toes with difficult questions, and we were able to lead them to experience quite a few “aha” moments during our workshop.

Preston: Also, Center Point FFA! Their members were very engaged throughout our workshop and have since applied it to achieving success in their own lives. It is incredibly rewarding to see the outcome of what our workshops can do for chapters like theirs!

What was your favorite school mascot that you have seen this fall and why?

Cory: There have been so many cool mascots like the Groesbeck Goats, Poolville Monarchs, Academy Bumblebees, and the C.H. Yoe Yoemen. However, my favorite mascot would have to be the Southwest Dragons! What’s cooler than having a fire-breathing, flying, fictional animal as your mascot?!

What school was the most hospitable chapter and why?

Cory: Chapters and ag teachers have been extremely wonderful to us over the past few months, but the one that stands out to me as most hospitable would be Rouse FFA. Not only did the ag teacher make an extra effort to ensure we had everything we needed to be successful when presenting to the school, but the chapter officers were also very accommodating. They kept us well-fed on our first day by making us breakfast, they gave us a hand-written “welcome” card they all signed, and they helped our presentation by stepping up to be leaders in group activities. 

What is your favorite part of being on the travel team?

Cory: My favorite part of being on the travel team is seeing the consistent passion and drive FFA members across the state of Texas have for agriculture and leadership. Our members are diverse in their roles within agriculture, but united in their pursuit of growth and development. That is something I have been very fortunate to witness during my time on the road.

Preston: Personally, my favorite part of being on the travel team is having the opportunity to experience and learn from the different people and cultures across the state. We have the best members!

This Spring, Cory and Preston are looking forward to finishing out their remaining months of service by visiting even more Texas FFA members!What has been your favorite SAE project you came across so far?

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