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Texas FFA Welcomes Mike Rowe to Annual State Convention    
Wednesday, August 31, 2022 | Author: Texas FFA News

The Texas FFA Association welcomed special guest Mike Rowe to the stage during the final session of the annual state convention this past July. 

“It’s great to be back. I see the jackets are still the same - blue, corduroy, everybody is rocking it,” said Rowe. “It’s great. I love it!”

Mike Rowe is an American television host, narrator, executive producer, best-selling author, and the country's leading advocate for skilled labor. He's best known as the "dirtiest man on TV," a title he earned on the iconic TV series Dirty Jobs.

When the Texas FFA State Officers were tasked with selecting the special guests for the week of the convention, they said it was important that they seek out an individual who shared some of the same core values that the organization hopes to instill in members.

“Personally, I am blown away by American agriculture,” said Rowe. “I am grateful for it. And I am committed to helping more people get a better understanding of where their food comes from.”

He spoke highly of American agriculture and the National FFA Organization. His compassion and gratitude for the industry were evident during his time on stage. 

“That is why what you guys do is so important,” said Rowe. “You are not just fans of agriculture, you are not just farmers or future farmers; your evangelist, you are out there in the world making a case for the business of feeding people.”

Agricultural science teachers across the nation show episodes of Dirty Jobs in their classrooms to highlight career opportunities within the agricultural industry to their students.

“We have an obligation to help people better understand what it takes to do what you guys do,” said Rowe. 

During the session, attendees listened to tales of Rowe’s experiences as well as words of wisdom and knowledge. Rowe spoke of his time on Dirty Jobs and compared it to a box of chocolate, “you truly never knew what job you were going to get.” 

“There are no good jobs, there are no bad jobs, there are no clean jobs, and there are no dirty jobs. It is all opportunity, it all takes education, it all takes skills, and it is all waiting for you,” Rowe said. “Take your time, take the path that makes sense, and remember there is always time to change the road you are on if you don’t like where it is taking you.“

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