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Texas FFA Introduces Officership Series    
Monday, May 15, 2017 | Author: Katie Armstrong, Texas FFA News Staff

During the 2016-2017 school year, The Texas FFA Association collaborated with Generation Ziglar to debut The Officership Series, a workshop series designed for students that have an interest in advanced leadership concepts.

The workshop series is intended for members pursing their state degree and focus on the more advanced aspects of leadership through service.

"The original idea was to have a series of workshops that promoted continuous, year-long growth in officers across the state," said 2015-2016 Texas FFA President and workshop facilitator, Jason Edmondson.

The series is not restricted to only those who hold an office, but those who are seeking a more in-depth analysis of leadership concepts, principles, and practices.

"The Officership Series is a great tool for those who not only want to become better FFA officers, but better leaders,” said Edmondson.

The Officership Series is structured as a three-part workshop series. The first workshop, titled Influence, Strategy, and Execution, was held on Dec. 17-18 in Houston, Texas. The two-day event provided in-depth information regarding the fundamental levels of leadership, the importance of plan of action, and the method to getting things done.

The second workshop in the series was held in College Station, Texas, Feb. 18-19, and focused on Public Communication. The advanced-level course discussed communication on multiple levels.

The last workshop in The Officership Series was held in Waco, April 22-23. The workshop, titled Developing and Delivering First Class Curriculum, was a facilitation course that was designed to provide the fundamental components of facilitating workshops and presentations by traversing an academic approach to content development and delivery.

"It was a pleasure to be able to attend the third and final portion of The Officership Series,” said Fairfield FFA member, Cody McQueen. “Before, I did not have a full understanding on how to plan a workshop; I now know how to do this and much more.”

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