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Texas FFA Honors Alum Chris Kyle This Memorial Day    
Monday, May 31, 2021 | Author: The Power Group

Chris Kyle is known to the public as a successful and decorated United States Navy SEAL sniper, but to Paul Booth, his FFA advisor at Midlothian High School, he’s remembered as a “good kid with his heart in the right place.”
This Memorial Day, Texas FFA remembers Chris Kyle, the former officer who showed cattle and exemplified the values of our organization.
Paul Booth taught agricultural science for 32 years and moved to Midlothian in 1990, Chris’ junior year. Since Chris’ father owned a feed store in town and was president of the booster club, Paul became close with the Kyles. “I knew Chris Kyle before he was Chris Kyle, The Legend,” he said.

The last time Paul saw Chris in person, he was shipping out to go to basic training in San Diego, and was proud to see he “had his head on his shoulders.” As an agricultural educator in a small town, it was rewarding to see one of his students see success outside of the pursuit of a four-year college degree.
Chris’ widow, Taya Kyle, shared that her husband loved the FFA and all things agriculture. “His dream was to make enough money to buy a ranch, sit on the front porch and enjoy the land undisturbed by cell phones and technology of any kind, other than maybe a television,” she said. She also shared his love for horses - in fact, one of the few times she saw her husband cry was when someone mistreated his horse.
Taya added that Chris was all about community. He was the kind of friend you could rely on in times of need. He was humble, fun and loved animals as well as people. “Not all people, and not all animals, but the ones he did love, he loved and cared for deeply,” she said.

Chris did four tours in the latest Iraqi war, earning two Silver Stars, five Bronze Stars with Valor and the Texas Medal of Honor. He was a brutal warrior who survived multiple IED attacks, gunshot wounds and even helicopter crashes. And, of course, he was an exceptional marksman. However, to those close to him, he was a fiercely loyal friend, a leader, a jokester -- an overall great man who is greatly missed.
This Memorial Day, the Texas FFA Association and Foundation extend a heartfelt thank you to all those who serve our country. Today, we honor you and your families.


This article was written by The Power Group for the Texas FFA Association in collaboration with the Texas FFA Foundation and Taya Kyle

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