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Texas FFA Cultivates Service and Urban Agriculture by Donating Seed Packets    
Thursday, August 31, 2023 | Author: Cora Ford, Weslaco FFA

Texas FFA members took the convention theme of “cultivate” literally by donating seed packets to surrounding community gardens for the event’s host city.

Collected donations were given to the Lake Highlands Community Garden (LHCG) where the harvest of various vegetables grown after planting  will be distributed to Dallas-Fort Worth area food pantries “to reduce food insecurities in our community.” 

Texas FFA members donated more than 25,000 seed packets during the annual convention this past July.

“Your overwhelming generosity benefited not only the LHCG, but many of our sister community gardens who when combined contribute a significant amount of produce to help our friends and neighbors in need,” said A.L. Nickerson, Co-Founder and Vice President of Lake Highlands Community Garden.

With the significant number of seeds, LHCG reached out to additional area community gardens to capitalize on the abundance of donations. That included both local Master Gardeners and Friends of the Public Library programs, the Dallas Park and Recreation Department, Austin Street Shelter, local school and small community gardens, and others. 

Texas FFA members were thrilled to contribute to an effort that gives back to the organization’s convention host city.

“The opportunity to donate is more than just donating seeds,” said Brody Fisher, Florence FFA member. “We are supporting agriculture, but it’s the true feeling of community and belonging that inspires me to provide for this organization.”

The importance of service and advocating for agriculture through their actions in FFA are more important than ever before.

“Donating seeds was the least I can do to give back,” said Heather May, Lyford FFA member. “If I can advocate for agriculture and make a change with one seed packet, I will do it over and over again.”

As Arlington FFA dropped off the donations after the convention in Dallas, the LHCG volunteers were extremely grateful.

“We feel very blessed and we will make it our mission to see that no seeds go to waste,” said Nickerson. “Lake Highlands Community Garden now has an abundance of seeds in our refrigerator to serve our individual gardeners and the donation garden for years to come.”

Photo depicts Lake Highlands Community Garden distributing donations to local community outlets.  

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