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Ten Most Memorable Chapter Visits for the 2020-2021 Texas FFA Travel Team    
Saturday, May 15, 2021 | Author: Texas FFA News

This year the Texas FFA President and First Vice President, Blake Mills and Emilee Sanderson traveled the state and visited more than 230 schools, driving more than 35,000 miles in the Texas FFA Ford Truck as part of their year of service. They met countless members from all different areas of Texas, leaving them with a lot of memories and new friendships.

Here are a few chapter visits that Blake and Emilee will never forget:

Weslaco East FFA - “During this visit, we bonded with Weslaco East FFA members while visiting their chapter garden. The memories made harvesting, cleaning, and sorting a variety of vegetables will be in our hearts forever.”

Sunray FFA - “It’s safe to say that the students of Sunray were super eager to learn more about FFA. Despite the frigid Panhandle temperatures, we thoroughly enjoyed standing outside with the chapter officer team following our presentation to share stories and take self-timer pictures. We may have also settled a tie by an ultimate rock paper scissors challenge!”

Van FFA (Jr. High) - “Visiting with the 7th and 8th graders of Van Junior High was full of energy and good laughs! We especially enjoyed the conversations and silly pictures we took after the visit.”

Bel Air FFA - “We traveled all the way to El Paso to be welcomed by nearly 20 passionate and kind students all of which have an avid interest in veterinary medicine. Interestingly, each of these students works on a local ranch to care for and provide for animals as part of their coursework. On top of everything, we enjoyed some delicious tamales and donuts!”

Jordan FFA - “During this chapter visit, we met with eager freshman and sophomore FFA members. We were so impressed by the chapter’s desire to grow their program. Be the Legacy!”

Normangee FFA - “We had an awesome time with a group of enthusiastic Greenhand members. Since Christmas was right around the corner, we, of course, had a few students wrap presents in a very unique way. Also, the wholesome breakfast prepared by Mrs. Schroeder and the officer team was second to none!”

Utopia FFA - “Visiting with Utopia FFA members was nothing short of inspiring. Their kind spirit and ambition to grow their chapter blew us away. We are so thankful for the handmade wooden sign they gifted us at the end of the visit!”

Magnolia FFA - “During this chapter visit, we admired how energetic and ambitious the students were, even if they had to walk like chickens. Many of them expressed their personal goals for themselves and their chapter, which was so admirable. There is no doubt in our minds that this chapter will continue to grow for the better for years to come under such leadership.”

Ballinger FFA - “Early on in the year we visited Ballinger FFA on a football Friday! What stuck out more than anything was their team spirit and willingness to jump into any challenge offered. Hamma Hamma, forever.”

Denton FFA - “As we kicked off Area V travel this year, we were greeted at Denton High with a competitive, yet trendy, group of students. It was nice to hear about student’s unique goals and optimism towards stepping outside of their comfort zone. Additionally, we not only worked with a solid chapter officer team, but they were the first chapter featured on the Texas FFA Tiktok! Let’s just say, Denton FFA has some moves!”

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