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Supporter Spotlight: LaQuinta by Wyndham    
Wednesday, April 15, 2020 | Author: Texas FFA News

How many years have you been a supporter and/or advocate for Texas FFA?

La Quinta Inns and Suites, now La Quinta by Wyndham, has been a Texas FFA Corporate Sponsor for more than a decade now. 

What do you find most satisfying / beneficial to your support of the Texas FFA?
Watching the kids/students grow year over year, utilizing all that they have obtained in terms of life skills from the organization.

What is your definition of leadership?
Lead by example in all that you do. Lead in such a way that makes an impact on a life, a group or organization!

How would you describe our Texas FFA members?
Texas FFA members are ahead of the curve in their age group. They are involved with an organization that empowers them to be there best, and they are more than equipped to compete in the real world ahead, after high school graduation and beyond.

How would you describe our Texas agricultural science teachers?
Texas agricultural science teachers are real leaders, experienced trusted advisors and true mentors to their students. They constantly show them the value of education and the life skills training that the organization they are involved in provides.

What three things would you tell Texas FFA members to prepare for a successful career?
To prepare for a successful career; be open minded to listening to those who came before you and absorb the knowledge they share. Pay attention and learn as much as you can in your young lives to help  gain a competitive edge for your future. Have fun, do your best, and apply your knowledge to all that you do, both personally and professionally to the best you possible.

What do you feel sets Texas FFA apart from other youth development organizations?
The Texas FFA teaches real life skills among other organizational attributes, and those skills are a must for carving a path to a successful future throughout life's journey!

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