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State Officers Reflect on Chapter Visits: Fall 2020    
Friday, January 15, 2021 | Author: Texas FFA News

During their year of service, the Texas FFA Officers travel the state and visit hundreds of schools and meet thousands of members. We asked each of them to highlight a chapter that they loved visiting this past fall. This is what they had to say...

Wellman-Union FFA

"This school, although small in numbers, is big in heart! Not only were they willing to compete and really get into the games, they had a deep interest in improving their chapter. I distinctly remember talking to a group of 8th graders who were so excited and passionate about being involved. I’m lucky to call this group newfound friends and I’m looking forward to seeing all the progress they make this year!" - Emilee Sanderson, State First Vice President

Miller Grove FFA

"Miller Grove FFA is the definition of 'small but mighty.' I was astounded by the amount of passion and drive in the room as I sat and talked to students about their goals for the future. It’s no secret they are proud of where they come from and are ready to go out and change the world. Whether we were chowing down on some Christmas cookies, or consumed by great conversation, that morning was one for the books!" - Annie Valicek, State Vice President

Van Alstyne FFA

"Despite the early morning this chapter had, they were an enthusiastic and engaged group! Each member contributed towards the conversation and we were able to have fun while doing so. I remember fondly that they encouraged their ag teachers to get involved in the activities as well, resulting in lots of laughs afterwards. I am blessed to have had this experience with these friends of mine and I can’t wait to see what other opportunities they make for themselves." - Caitlyn Muckensturm, State Vice President

Karnes City FFA

"Karnes City FFA was one of the most wholesome experiences! While in number they are small, their energy is unmatched. From learning about their dreams, to being able to find some fellow future Red Raiders, and signing a piece of my new friend Rufus’ shop project, it was an overall unforgettable time with these members. Their hearts are as big as their passion for FFA, and I cannot wait to see the amazing things that these members continue to do. GO BADGERS!" - Alexa Salinas, State Vice President

Madisonville FFA

"Towards the middle of Area IX travel we visited the powerhouse that is Madisonville FFA! We were greeted with tons of cheer and excitement. After our presentation we had the opportunity to really dive deep into a lot of the member’s dreams and aspirations. I was in awe of the ambitious goals each member had set for themselves. I am fully confident that these students will put in the hard work and dedication to be successful!" - Carson Davis, State Vice President

Holland FFA

"My favorite school to visit during the fall semester was Holland FFA! Right before the day, Mrs. Tanguay surprised the students by letting them know they would receive their Lonestar Degrees during a small presentation from Blake, Emilee and I. We facilitated a workshop for the chapter officer team and then we presented a few students with the highest degree a Texas FFA member can receive. I am so excited to see where Holland FFA goes this year." - Rachel Bradford, State Vice President

Coleman FFA

"These guys were awesome! Each and every student seemed to enjoy our presentation; they were very engaged and excited to be there. I really feel like it was a special day on account of them being so open and 
seeming to have fun. Special shout-out to their chapter officers who were outstanding about helping us set up and make sure we were at the right place!" - Kirby Russell, State Vice President

Evant FFA 

"We had the opportunity to talk with these students about their dreams and things they are passionate about. I remember one student saying that their biggest dream is to make this world a better place for others. I think there is something special about seeing FFA students talk about the experiences they have had and how that changes them for the better. Each of these students so evidently had a second home in this chapter. Hopefully I will be back soon to finish our basketball game. Our time with these students left me so encouraged about the role FFA plays in students' lives." - Amy Wallen, State Vice President

Seguin FFA

"Following our presentation, we were able to sit down and speak with their officers about how they can utilize their leadership skills to grow their chapter and further promote FFA within their high school. Since then, they have made strides to increase member engagement by hosting a greenhand camp and engaging in service opportunities. It is incredibly remarkable to see members come together during trying times to go above and beyond for their classmates." - Blake Mills, State President

Groom FFA

"Not only were they loads of fun, but they also showed us what it means to be servant leaders. The students in this chapter grow vegetables and donate them to a nearby program so that they are supplied with fresh food to eat. They truly reminded me why we serve others, and made me so proud that they were making an effort in their local community!" - Faith Snapp, State Vice President

Chapel Hill Northeast FFA

"This past fall we were able to visit some of my dear friends at Chapel Hill Northeast. At the conclusion of our presentation, we had the pleasure of presenting them with their state champion public relations contest banner! It was so rewarding to see the excitement on their faces and true gratitude in their actions, we couldn't be more proud to call these fantastic FFA members friends." - Bella Yoder, State Vice President

Calhoun FFA

"One of my favorite stops during Area XI travel was Calhoun FFA! We not only learned that their mascot is the sandcrab, but the students also shared their dreams and desire for continuous improvement. I distinctly remember talking with a few members of their chapter quiz team. They expressed their interest in trying new contests this semester, like public speaking and the agriscience fair. It has been so rewarding to keep up with them as they branch out in the FFA. I cannot wait to see the future of Calhoun FFA as its members continue to grow and achieve great things!" - Ryan Williamson, State Vice President

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