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State Officers Reflect on Fall 2022 Chapter Visits    
Monday, January 16, 2023 | Author: Texas FFA News

During their year of service, the Texas FFA Officers travel the state and visit hundreds of schools and meet thousands of members. We asked each of them to highlight a chapter that they loved visiting this past fall. This is what they had to say...

Area 1 - Groom FFA
“Groom FFA created such a welcoming and amazing environment. We visited with three of their classes, and they were all so engaged in every activity and conversation we had. Their passion for the FFA was truly inspiring. I can't wait to see what they accomplish in the future!” - Campbell Offield

Area 2 - New Home FFA
“One of the most impactful chapters I had the opportunity to visit was the New Home FFA Chapter. Seeing how eager the students were to be involved and truly learn was inspiring. Everyone was involved, and the energy was unmatched.” - Zoee Nolen

Area 3 - Alvin FFA
“I had the honor of visiting Alvin FFA during my first week of travel, and it has been one of my favorite moments this past semester. Whether it was watching the members play football outside, singing in the cafeteria, or just interacting with the members, I loved every second. Alvin FFA had one of the most welcoming environments that instantly felt like a home, leaving me feeling inspired by every person I had the opportunity to meet!” - Logan Jaure

Area 4 - Woodson FFA
“As soon as we walked into the gym, Woodson FFA was energetic! They never stopped listening and brought a whole new perspective of kindness to our attention.” - Windsor Godfrey


Area 5 - Crowley FFA
“Spending the morning with this diverse group of students was definitely as much of a learning experience for me as it was for them. This chapter's hospitality and positive attitude made a noticeable appearance in our leadership workshop and facility tour; I felt like I was part of this school. After getting to know some of the students more personally, I was blown away by the leadership they exhibit, and I can't wait to see them pursue their career goals.” - Austin Blagg

Area 6 - White House FFA
“From the first greeting at the door to the overwhelming excitement during our presentation, this chapter blew me away. These guys made me proud to represent Area VI, and I am looking forward to seeing the great things they will accomplish.” - Joseph Nelson

Area 7 - Davine FFA
“Davine FFA was quite the hidden gem. This chapter showed immense energy and engagement with the workshop. I felt so welcomed by this chapter, and I'm proud that they represent the area I call home.” - Tommy Egbert

Area 8 - Bosqueville FFA
“While this chapter might be small in numbers, they are full of life and passionate about learning about the FFA. This chapter taught me the true meaning of growth and determination and inspired me to continue growing. My time with this group of students and ag teachers will forever be one of my core memories, and I am very thankful to be from the same area as Bosqueville FFA!” - Ty Williams

Area 9 - Warren FFA
“The Warren FFA chapter visit was one of my favorite fall visits. This was partially due to the Warren FFA Chapter Officers welcoming me, Windsor, and Bryce as if we had been their best friends for life. We stayed up late playing many different card games and were able to develop a deep bond with one another." - Brandon French

Area 10 - McAllen Memorial FFA
“This chapter stands out from my week of area travel due to the genuine nature of our visit. This stop wasn’t scheduled and was the product of a quick phone call asking to come to talk to the members. We had a great time with a fun little Q&A, and I would feel welcome at McAllen Memorial any day!” - Nathan Atkinson

Area 11 - Shiner FFA

“I don’t think I stopped smiling once during our visit with Shiner FFA. Each student was kind, funny, engaged, and happy to be there; their eagerness to learn and to help each other grow was remarkable. Watching them interact with one another was like watching a family, and they quickly made us feel like a part of that family. Shiner FFA, you guys are something special!” - Laura Beth James

Area 12 - Rosebud-Lott FFA
“We had an amazing time at Rosebud-Lott. They were engaging, ready to learn, and welcomed us with open arms! - Bryce Fisher



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