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Seminole FFA Member is Recognized for Work in Vet Hospital    
Tuesday, January 15, 2019 | Author: Lani Pieper, Caldwell FFA

Seminole FFA member Megan Letkeman’s Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE) and part-time job at a veterinary hospital has allowed her the opportunity to pursue her passion of caring for animals. 

“I have an incredible passion for the medical sciences as well as animals and agriculture,” said Letkeman. 

Letkeman is employed at a local full-service veterinary hospital that provides care for both large and small animals. She focuses on hydrotherapy and its effects on healing animals struggling with mobility issues. This form of therapy relieves pressure on their joints while allowing them to stretch and build muscle.

“When I began my work at the vet clinic, my only goal was to help and to learn,” said Letkeman. “I have always known that this was my gift to give and way to make a difference.”

The vet facility offers an array of services that she has learned to assist in, including diagnostic and therapeutic services, surgical procedures, boarding, animal dentistry, radiology, laboratory services and more.

After more than three years working at the clinic, Letkeman’s successful SAE was recognized as the 2018 National FFA proficiency winner in Veterinary Science Entrepreneurship/Placement. She was also recognized as the 2018 Texas FFA proficiency winner in the Veterinary Science category. 

Letkeman plans to attend college at Texas Tech University. After graduation, she wants to continue to work in veterinary science industry.

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