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2019-2020 Texas FFA Officers' Strategic Priorities    
Sunday, September 15, 2019 | Author: Dawson Killen and Calvin Morgan, Texas FFA Officers

As State Officers, our main job is to serve our great organization and members within it. This year, one of our main goals is to offer new ways to help our members stay informed and connected. 

We are making a concerted effort to communicate information and updates discussing the various programs and initiatives our state association and leadership are working towards. One way we plan to do this is through monthly articles, just like this one, written by state officers talking directly to Texas FFA members across the state. 

Our Vision Statement

For the upcoming year, our team developed a statement to guide us through the decisions and actions we must make. Our team’s vision statement reads, “We will continue to expand a legacy of excellence through genuine service and member engagement.” 

In many ways, this has directed the creation of our strategic priorities aimed at enhancing member experiences in FFA on the chapter, district, area, and state level. 

Our Strategic Priorities

A strategic priority is a certain issue or item of business that the current state officer team finds should be evaluated or addressed. We set these priorities to advance our organization and to better fulfill the needs of the Texas FFA members.

Below, we’ve outlined our strategic priorities for this year. We hope to keep you informed regarding progresses over the next few months. 

Avenues of Transparent Communication: This committee was the inspiration for these articles. The focus of this committee is to provide new, efficient ways to relay information from the state level to the chapter level. 

Industry Opportunities: This committee will focus on providing future opportunities for members to further explore various agriculture industry opportunities and develop relationships within them. 

Material Development: This committee will continue to provide substance for members to interact with, such as videos and live social media events.

State Officer Model: This committee will focus on researching and developing the most effective State Officer Model while utilizing research past state officer teams have unearthed.  Our goal is to determine how to best represent Texas FFA members on the state level.

As a team we look forward to the growth that we will experience alongside you all this year. We are excited to work towards the achievement of these priorities, and we hope that you thoroughly enjoy your year as a Texas FFA member. 

Keep an eye out for more exciting and informative articles to come that will keep you and your chapter up to date with all things Texas FFA. 

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