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Opening Session Inspires Members to Amplify Their Voice    
Tuesday, July 12, 2022 | Author: Kynlee Bright, White Oak FFA

The first session of the 94th Annual Texas FFA State Convention showcased this year’s theme, “Amplify,” as attendees were greeted with a laser light show, music, and hyped FFA members.

The reflections by the state officer team conveyed the importance of every member's voice. 

“Across the world and in every culture, sounds are the instigator of change,” State Vice President Cade Conrad said. “Whether it's a speech, prayer, pledge, or music, sounds inspire action, but only if they are able to be heard.” 

State First Vice President Emily Dreyer and State Vice President Kadyn Collins delivered their retiring addresses sharing personal experiences with FFA members.

“To answer the question why did I choose FFA, is that Texas FFA chose me,” Collins said. “I was thrown into a lot of FFA things, but it was the best thing that has ever happened to me.” 

Author, Character Strong co-founder, and keynote speaker Houston Kraft connected with members by cracking jokes and inspiring the crowd with his message of empathy and connection. Kraft shared a personal story about the impact kindness can leave on others prompting attendees to stop and recognize their personal influence.

Throughout the session, words shared by the state officers served as a reminder of the power of the Texas FFA Association. 

“Alone, we are quiet, but together, we are loud,” the state officers said. “It’s time to gather; It’s time to celebrate. But most importantly, it’s time to amplify.”

Reporters: Kynlee Bright, White Oak FFA
Photographer: Baylee Plumley, Junction FFA; Kaytly Clift, Stratford FFA

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