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Members Share a Piece of the Agricultural Pie    
Monday, May 15, 2017 | Author: Rachel Knight, Texas FFA News Staff

On March 10, 70 fifth graders sat on hay bales as Holiday FFA members conducted an interactive Pizza Rodeo designed to teach kids where food comes from. 

After a discussion about what kind of pizza the students like to eat, a conversation about agriculture products became the focal topic. The presentations explained how agriculture produces the ingredients, as well as the role each ingredients’ production plays in the Texas economy. 

“We wanted to promote agriculture within our school district and hopefully get kids interested in FFA,” said Jeff Miller, Holiday FFA advisor. “We thought it would be a way for our members to educate to our community.”

The Pizza Rodeo event was the brainchild of Holiday FFA President, Claire Shaw. 

“I felt a huge responsibility to make sure the event was worthwhile to the elementary students and that they really grasp and understand how many ways agriculture touches our everyday lives,” Shaw said. 

According to Shaw, pizza was strategically chosen as the food star to help structure the event.

“We use pizza because it incorporates so many different ingredients from wheat, vegetables, meat, and dairy to name a few,” Shaw explained. “Live animals and plants were part of the demonstration and the students could touch, feel and ask questions.”  

As a surprise, once the presentation concluded, the elementary students were treated to pizza. 

“I really enjoyed getting to interact with the kids one on one after the presentation,” Shaw said. “They were excited, and that really let me know that we have reached these kids and planted seeds.”

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