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Growing a Budding Hobby Into a Blooming Business    
Thursday, March 15, 2018 | Author: Bianca Calderon, Texas FFA News Staff

Navarro FFA member, Jaycie Braune, has transformed her budding horticulture hobby into a successful potted flower business. 

Braune first identified her interest in cultivating plants at an early age. Once she was in high school and became an FFA member it was only natural that her supervised agricultural experience (SAE) program involved soil and seedlings.

“Growing plants is kind of ‘in my roots’,” said Braune. 

Her SAE project provided hands-on experience and practical business training. Through this she realized she was developing soft-skills that she would use the rest of her life.  

“It’s the little things,” said Braune. “I think my project has helped me improve my communication skills by simply going to the market and talking to customers.”

In addition to invaluable experience, Braune was recognized as the 2017 Texas FFA proficiency winner in Diversified Horticulture. 

Braune is grateful for her experiences as an FFA member and the many doors that have opened along the way. Growing her SAE project into a business has allowed her to identify a future career path.

“I am currently a freshman at Texas A&M University majoring in horticulture,” said Braune. 
“My goal is to get my degree and start my own large greenhouse operation one day.”

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