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Wednesday, September 1, 2010 | Author: Holly Jo Johnson, McAllen Memorial FFA

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Inspiring Texas FFA to keep hope alive, members were fortunate to have Josh Sundquist bring a message full of humor and meaning. Sundquist is a Paralympic ski racer and an inspirational speaker who brings out positive aspects and lives his life to the fullest. 

At nine-years-old Sundquist was inspired to join a soccer team, but after receiving news from his father, the doctor found cancer in his left leg and he had a 50 percent chance to live. All he could think about was not being able to wear that uniform. “Sometimes the uniform you get in life is better than the one you wanted,” said Sundquist. “We could sit around and feel sorry for ourselves or we can choose to get back up and move on. You can’t control how something happens, but you can decide how to respond.”

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Growing up in a small town, FFA was not offered at his high school; however he has been able to influence many fellow FFA members over the past two years. He informs members everyone has a disability, but you can take that limb and make it as your pimp walk. “I believe life is tough and things happen for a reason.”

Sundquist wasn’t immune to his trials. Knowing he could give up, he stuck it out even when things got rough. “I always want to give up and I do. I feel sorry for myself for a couple weeks but then I get back up and realize I only live once.”

Josh Sundquist continues to impact FFA members day in and day out.  Check out a part of his Web site, specifically designed for FFA, to watch funny videos and songs.

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