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Delegates Chart the Course of the Texas FFA    
Tuesday, August 15, 2017 | Author: Christian Floyd, White Oak FFA

Held as a central and integral part of the annual Texas FFA Convention, the delegate process brings together student leaders from each of the Texas FFA’s 1,058 chapters to conduct the business of the association and share ideas and perspectives that will ensure continued progress.

This year, delegates had the opportunity to voice their opinion on important topics, such as the amendment regarding the Texas FFA officer election process.

The amendment suggested that the Nominating Committee portion, including the exam and interview, count as 60 percent and the delegate vote count as 40 percent of the candidate’s final score. This would make the popular vote 40/60 as compared to the original 50/50.

Delegates attending the session debated over the amendment with arguments supporting different sides.

“I agree with it completely,” said Jessica Marsh, Liberty Hill FFA member. “We only get to see the candidates for 30 minutes or so before we have to vote on something that means so much.”

Members maintained a strong presence on the delegate floor as they discussed the amendment. 

“I think it’s a good idea,” said Brendan Andrews, White Oak FFA member. “The Nominating Committee has a much more in-depth look at the candidates and that’s very important.”

Koby Houston from Crosbyton FFA believes the other side of the argument presents an entirely different viewpoint.

“I feel like the voting delegates should have more say in who’s electing the state officers,” said Houston. “We need to have more say because the candidates represent the voting delegates.” 

Ultimately the delegates voted to pass the amendment. 

Amendment 2 - Passed
Article X. Election, Succession, Replacement and Discharge of State Officers

Section A: The elected officers of the Texas FFA Association/Texas Association of Future Farmers of America shall be selected and nominated by each of the Area Associations. Each of these officers has an opportunity to demonstrate FFA, agriculture education, parliamentary procedure and agricultural industry knowledge via a written exam, present their qualifications to an evaluation committee, and appear before the state convention body delegates and deliver a campaign speech.

A president shall be elected from the state officers by a combination of interview score, 60 percent, and a score derived from the vote of the delegates present, 40 percent. The state elections committee shall…

Section E: Each Area Association may elect one state officer each year. The state officer shall be elected by a combination of interview score, 60 percent, and a score derived from the vote of the delegates present, 40 percent and in accordance to policies adopted by the State FFA Board of Directors.

Reporter: Christian Floyd, White Oak FFA
Photographer: Lauryn Luttrull, Decatur FFA & David Jennings, Ridge Point FFA

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