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By Members for Members: Viral FFA Jacket Videos Lift Spirits    
Friday, May 15, 2020 | Author: Texas FFA News

It is inevitable that Texas FFA members will find ways to stand together in solidarity and support of one another through uncertain times, even if it is as simple as posting a positive, trendy, video on social media. 

The recognizable blue jackets of many Texas FFA members have become the star of multiple uplifting viral videos during this spring season of social distancing. 

Emily Dreyer of Tuloso-Midway FFA captured and edited footage so it looked as though Texas FFA members from across the state were passing their jackets to one another. 

“I saw a social media trend where you pull something into the frame and then toss it out, and I thought about how I could put the FFA stamp on it; that is when I decided to use the jacket,” said Dreyer.

Equipt with the knowledge she was not the only one who was missing FFA, Dreyer decided to utilize one of the resources she discovered through her participation in the organization. 

“FFA cultivates incredible relationships,” said Dreyer. “I reached out to members via Instagram to participate.”

The result was a little National Blue and Corn Gold sprinkled on to the viral video trend.

Across Texas, many members found a way to put their own unique spin on the trend. This group includes Rachel Bradford of Troy FFA, who saw an opportunity to highlight her fellow graduating seniors who were tasked with hanging up their FFA jackets for the last time this spring. Instead of passing their jackets, they ceremoniously took them off for the final time.

“I never envisioned my senior year ending with me hanging up my blue jacket virtually,” said Bradford. “Although not anywhere close to the same as hanging up our jackets at a banquet, I felt it was a fitting alternative to give seniors the closure we each deserve.”

Both members stated they were pleasantly surprised at the number of participants clamoring to be a part of their video creation process. In the end, both projects had collectively more than 170 submissions from across the state.

“I never would have thought we would have received the number of videos we did, but it was awesome to see them keep coming in one after another,” said Bradford.

Out of this unusual time have emerged opportunities to uplift spirits.

“After I posted the video, the responses warmed my heart,” said Dreyer. “A lot of people were saying it was exactly what they needed to be reminded of, that they are a part of something bigger.”

Both members emphasized their goal was to simply spread encouragement and provide a sense of unity during this season of uncertainty.

“The one thing I want people to take away from the video is that Texas FFA members are a part of something bigger,” said Dreyer.

Bradford echoed, “Family is a term we use often to describe the Texas FFA, and I think through leadership and the members of the Texas FFA, we have become an even more close-knit family during these challenging times.”

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