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Advisors Watch Their Students Take Flight at State Convention    
Thursday, July 8, 2021 | Author: Braelyn Pointer, Sudan FFA and Ava-Claire Castleman, Harmony FFA

Every year FFA advisors bring their students to the Texas FFA Convention with the intention of elevating each member’s journey to new heights. 

With so many opportunities for personal growth at convention, student development is evident in the eyes of chapter advisors.

Brenham FFA advisor Colby Finke said his students develop a passion for the FFA while being at state convention.

Shannon Dahlstrom, Jack C. Hays FFA chapter advisor, said even though most of her students have never attended state convention before, the impact of the event has positively influenced them. 

“The greatest thing is when they put on official dress and walk into the convention hall for the first time,” Dahlstrom said. “They feel like they belong to something bigger than themselves.”
Dayton FFA advisor Hali Wagner has seen many improvements from her students as a result of coming to convention. 

“It’s awesome when students get ideas from what other students and chapters do,” Wagner stated. “They take that back and use those ideas to make our chapter grow.”

Not only does state convention promote personal and program growth, the opportunities present themselves for relationships to be made for years to come. 

Mike Rempe of Yoakum FFA said the most rewarding thing about convention is the friendships and bonds made not only within their chapter, but with other chapters across the state.

“They’ll have friends from all over the state that they never would have had before,” Central FFA advisor Erin Griffin said. “They meet new people here and network with people from different backgrounds.” 

Caldwell FFA advisor Lisa Pieper believes because of the experiences FFA offers, her students reap a variety of benefits.

“I’ve seen students come out of their shell and be more of a voice within their chapter because they have been exposed to different experiences,” Pieper said. “These experiences have given them the confidence to teach and educate other members.”

Reporters: Braelyn Pointer, Sudan FFA;  Ava-Claire Castleman, Harmony FFA
Photographer: Maecy Smith, Jacksonville FFA; 

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