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2019 National FFA Delegate Process Overview    
Friday, November 15, 2019 | Author: Jake Bagby and Wyatt Harlan, Texas FFA Officers

The National FFA Convention brings 475 member delegates together to share ideas and perspectives to ensure the continued progress of the National FFA Organization. Texas has the largest delegation with 71 delegates comprised of area and state officers. 

Members began the delegate process by being assigned to one of the six committees created by National FFA based off topics that were of high priority to the organization.

Competitive Events Exploration Committee
The Competitive Events Exploration Committee explored the relevancy of current Leadership and Career Development Events and considered potential opportunities for grater industry alignment and career preparation. (Read Committee Report)

Production Agriculture Opportunities Committee
The Production agriculture Committee evaluated the relevance, opportunities and student’s exposure to production agriculture in National FFA programs. (Read Committee Report)

Urban Agriculture Programs Committee
The Urban Agricultural Programs Committee determined the value and relevance of current National FFA programs for students in urban areas. (Read Committee Report)

National Regions Committee
The National Regions Committee explored the distribution of states with in regions at the national level. (Read Committee Report)

State Association Needs Committee
The State Association Needs committee evaluated if National FFA programs meet the various needs of State Associations and assessed how underserved states can be better supported and included. (Read Committee Report)

Member Experience Committee
The Membership Experience Committee examined needs of students with in the FFA and make suggestions to improve the membership experience for all, including but not limited to financial status, religion, race, language, gender, or difference of ability. (Read Committee Report)

Each delegate was given resources prior to their arrival to begin reviewing the anticipated discussion within the committees. The process takes rigorous work and compromise to ensure all views are represented and considered on all matters. After much deliberation and discussion, each committee documented their recommendations in their official committee reports. 

During the official delegate business session all reports were passed and approved. These documents will be presented to the National FFA Board of Directors to consider later this winter. 

In addition, the delegates took time to review and approve proposed amendments to the National FFA Constitution and Bylaws, which consisted of multiple changes that are predicted to help our organization over time. The members also completed necessary business, such as approving the past minutes and setting the dues and affiliation fees for the 2020-2021 membership years.

To round out the week of delegate work, at the eighth and final general session of National Convention, delegates in unison stated “aye” to approve the newly elected 2020-2021 National FFA Officer Team.

It was a very exciting and action-packed week for each one of our hard-working delegates. The impact of the decisions that were made will have a great and meaningful impact on not only the Texas FFA Association, but the entire National FFA Organization.

Keep an eye out for additional exciting and informative articles to come that will keep you and your chapter up to date with all things Texas FFA.

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