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Your 2019-2020 Texas FFA Officer Team:

Carlye Winfrey, Area II, President
Calvin Morgan, Area VIII, First Vice President
Wyatt Harlan, Area I 
Hollie Berg, Area III
Jake Bagby, Area IV
Dawson Killen, Area V
Tracy Branch, Area VI
Clayton Elbel, Area VII
Jeremiah Neal, Area IX
Emma Mosley, Area X
Addison Elstner, Area XI
Breanne Bailey, Area XII

Travel Team      
The Texas FFA Travel Team is composed of the State President and First Vice President who travel approximately 40,000 miles, visiting about 400 schools within 365 days.

Area Travel Coordinators are currently scheduling area visits. Curious when the officers will be in your neighborhood? Check out the attached calendar below. The travel team is scheduled to spend 13 days in each area, visiting schools.

The Texas FFA Travel Team presentation and workshop topics include:

Communication: Sharing your Message - This presentation, designed for groups with more than 40 students, will develop students in the art of communication. Students will understand the value of speaking intentionally, listening to understand others, and sharing their story. 

Leading with Confidence - In this presentation, designed for groups with more than 40 students, students tackle the topic of building confidence. Students will accomplish this by understanding the factors that play a role in levels of confidence, discovering a positive perspective in taking risks, and applying confidence in relationships. 

The Journey to Personal Growth - This workshop, designed for groups with less than 40 students, will guide students to understand the importance of personal and exponential growth. Students will achieve this by identifying their strengths, embracing a growth mindset, and realizing the importance of surrounding themselves with growth minded individuals. 

Finding Acceptance - In this workshop, designed for groups with less than 40 students, students will become more comfortable with themselves and others in order to build more meaningful relationships. Students will do this by identifying their values, recognizing their worth, and discovering the power of vulnerability.

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