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Official Dress (Texas Standards)      
Standards for official dress are important for the Texas FFA Convention. Proper dress will be stressed for members and adults in the arena and exhibit area. Official Dress, according to Texas Standards can be be found here. All members being recognized on stage, or on the delegate floor MUST be in Texas FFA Standard official dress with the exception of Fun Night activities. The arena floor will only be open to delegates in official dress wearing their convention wristband and delegate credential.

Fun Night      
Fun night dress code:
- Males must wear shirts with sleeves.
- Attire may not contain indecent or improper messages (alcohol, tobacco, sexual references, etc.)
- No low-cut shirts or tops, bare midriffs, strapless or thin-strapped shirts are allowed.
- Shirts must cover the entire stomach, shoulders, chest and back.
- Sleeves must be at least two inches in width (about 3 fingers).
- Shorts, dresses, and skirts must be no higher than fingertip length when arms are at side and no saggy pants allowed.

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