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General Information      
  • Approximately 40 students will be selected for the 2022 Texas FFA Chorus
  • Potential participants must be Active FFA Members at the time of convention, no older then a high school senior or younger then a high school freshman during the 21-22 school year, and be approved by Advisors to participate.
  • Selection will be based on voice quality and attempting to achieve a chorus with balance
    1.) Ability to blend in an advanced ensemble
    2.) Balanced numbers of soprano, alto, tenor, and bass voices
    3.) It is most difficult to find altos who can sing well in upper register, low basses, and first tenors
Those selected will be required to be in Forth Worth from Monday, July 11 to Friday, July 15
Students are responsible for the shared cost of lodging and expenses. The $475 charge will be billed to the chapter's roster account following Advisor Approval of a members participation and selection by the Director. 

Instructions and Deadlines      

Completed online application form must be submitted by 11:59 P.M on  April 5, 2022. Advisors will receive an email link to a recommendation form in a timely fashion after the student applications close, but no later than April 11th and are due by April 20, 2022 at 4:00 PM.

A recorded audition must be submitted via email by April 5th or postmarked by April 5th and sent to:
Jeanna Baibos
21427 Hadrian Dr. Katy TX 77449
Emails may be sent to:


How to Record Your Audition      
  • This audio audition is a requirement in the application for the Texas FFA Chorus for NEW MEMBERS ONLY.
  • Recording is simple, and allows the director to properly place you for this prestigious chorus.
  • If you want to use a higher quality recorder that will be fine, but a simple recorder with a built in microphone is adequate. This includes electronic devices.
  • If you choose to use a cassette tape or CD, make sure that it is of high quality. If the tape is of poor quality, there could be problems with play-back or mechanical difficulties. Audio files (i.e. mp3s) should be emailed to Audio files are preferred, but not mandatory.
    Cassette/CD Recordings
  • Print your name and address, plus your voice part, on side one of the cassette or the front of the CD. Also, be sure your full name and return address are on the mailing package. The online form must be submitted by April 18th and the audition recording must be postmarked by April 18th. Audition recordings will not be returned, and will become the property of the Texas FFA Association.

    Electronic Recordings - iDevices
  • To record an audio file on an iDevice, recording the audition using the voice memo feature. Once you are satisfied with the recording, from the voice memo screen, click the link that takes you to your list of voice memos. Select the voice memo you want to share and press the share button. Select email and send to with FFA Audition as the subject.

    Audition Components
  • At the very beginning of the recording, slowly announce your first and last name, chapter and address. Repeat your name, and then give your voice part (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass).
  • Starting on any comfortable pitch, sing (unaccompanied) the song “America, the Beautiful” (Oh beautiful, for spacious skies, etc.) Sing one verse expressively and accurately without scooping in and out of pitches. You are auditioning for an ensemble, not a solo.
  • Start with the lowest note you can sing, and on each note of the continuous major scale going up to your highest note, please sing on a neutral syllable (la).” If you have access to a piano, you can play the pitch before singing each note, but when you sing the words, you should sing unaccompanied. For this part of the recording, do not sing softly, but sing with a full voice at each note. You can sing these words with any rhythm that you choose, but sing them slowly on each pitch. You should sing through register breaks with beautiful tone throughout your range. All singers should demonstrate they can use their upper register.
  • OPTIONAL: If you would like to record additional singing, you may do so AFTER the required audition. It is not important to the membership in the Texas FFA Chorus that you do anything with this part of the audition. This is strictly optional. 


2022 Texas FFA Chorus Applications are now closed. Click HERE to see those selected!

Members chosen to be part of the Texas FFA Chorus will be notified by May 2, 2022

NOTICE: If you are selected for the 2022 Texas FFA Chorus, your chapter will be billed $475 to their Roster account, which your Advisor must agree to for participation. This fee will include your hotel, some meals, Chorus pin and t-shirt, and registration to Texas FFA Convention. 
If you are selected and later wish to cancel your participation, you must email the Director by May 20, 2022 in order to receive a refund of said fee. Fees are not refundable for any reason after this date. 

Checklist for Application      
Did you?
  •  Speak to your Advisor about applying
  • Complete and submit the online application found below in its entirely prior to April 5th deadline.
  • Send the audition recording via email (electronic) or mail (cassette/CD) to the Texas FFA Chorus Coordinator by the April 5th deadline. (NEW MEMBERS ONLY!!)
  • Make sure your Advisor received the link to the Advisor recommendation form and that he/she completed it by the April 20th deadline. (Links will be sent after the application deadline)

Student Responsibilities      
  • If selected, the student must attend ALL rehearsals in Fort Worth, TX.
  • The first rehearsal is Monday mid-morning of the convention week
  • Chorus members are required to stay through the closing convention session on Friday
  • If there is a conflicting award activity (i.e. Lone Star Degree recipient, Scholarship, etc), the student must get permission from the Chorus Director by Monday afternoon of convention
  • The student is responsible for the cost of travel to/from Fort Worth, a portion of the lodging, and Official Dress
  • The student is responsible for the $475 charge which covers a portion of the lodging and expenses, including some meals. This charge will be placed on the Chapter's Roster Management account upon Advisor approval. 

National FFA Chorus      
  • Those who wish to apply for the National FFA Chorus will find application information and details on the National FFA Convention website here.
  • Texas FFA will NOT forward National chorus applications on to National FFA.
  • National FFA Chorus/Band/Talent application deadline is July 15, 2022.


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  Upcoming Deadlines
April 5 - Application Deadline
April 20 - Advisor Approval Deadline
May 20 - Cancellation Deadline

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